BP Valenzuela

Filipino singer-songwriter and producer BP Valenzuela makes music from her bedroom. She writes about interiority, of colossal emotions that begin in small spaces, growing and growing until there’s nothing left for them to become but song—rhythms that ricochet from wall to wall; synths that leave you soaring; words whispered along to by a crowd, as if all privy to this one immense secret. BP has been making music since she was a teen. She released her first single “Building” in 2013. A year later, she released her debut album The Neon Hour, a luminous journey through pop beats and falling in love. In the same year, BP performed at the Wanderland Music and Arts Festival.

Her debut American single “Instead” is available now on the Manila Rising EP compilation on Barkada Worldwide Music.


King Puentespina aka CRWN is a producer, songwriter, and beat maker based in Manila, Philippines. He has been releasing music since 2013, and has since then collaborated with numerous artists locally and internationally. His joint EP with singer Jess Connelly, How I Love, was released late 2015. His follow-up solo EP, Tommy Gun, was released the following year. Orchid, a beat tape is his latest project. He has played in major Philippine music festivals such as Malasimbo and Wanderland, and has been featured in numerous publications.

His American debut single “First Light” is available now on the Manila Rising EP compilation on Barkada Worldwide Music.


Jason Dhakal

Seventeen-year-old singer-songwriter Jason Dhakal is one of the most exiting new voices emerging from Manila today. He moved to the Philippines in 2017 from Muscat, Oman specifically to be a part of the Manila music scene. Jason blends a raw R&B/Soul sensibility with modern Electronic influences to create a wholly fresh and original sound.

Along with his friend/producer and musical collaborator dot.jaime, Jason makes his American debut with “Do I” on the Manila Rising compilation on Barkada Worldwide.



LUSTBASS is the project of Manila based artist / producer Allan Malabanan. He’s a bassist, keyboardist, and all around musician. He plays in multiple bands in Manila including Wilderness (a 6 piece psych rock ensemble) and as a producer/keyboardist for Jess Connelly. His productions combine organic and electronic elements from psych-rock, RnB, soul, jazz and hip-hop, into meticulously crafted compositions. Both intimate and fearless, LUSTBASS is an old soul dedicated to churning out new flavors.

His American debut single “Temple" is available now on the Manila Rising EP compilation on Barkada Worldwide Music.


Part African-American/ part Filipino musician/producer from Manila, Philippines. rhxanders, aka Richard Alexander is quickly emerging as one of Manila’s most original and honest talents. Blending modern soul, jazz, and hip hop influences along with vocoder vibes, he masterfully translates stories of love and pain into potent gems of lowkey, but powerful musical energy.

His debut American singles “Lie to Me” and "It's Strange" are available now on the Manila Rising compilation EP on Barkada Worldwide Music.